Your name is Edward Fitsgerald and you are the local police detective. You find yourself alone with a murder suspect in hotel room 237 and begin interrogating
him, asking him questions about his involvement with the murder and if he knows anything that might be useful. 

After a few minutes of his interrogation, he begins to grow increasingly agitated and asks if he can use the bathroom. You guide him to the bathroom and
step away to look at some of the beautiful artwork that hang from the walls of the room. Suddenly, you hear the sound of a heavy metal object slowly
scraping the tile in the bathroom. This, obviously, peaks your interest so you walk towards the wall and put your ear on it to try to understand what
is making this sound.

The very second your ear makes contact with the wall there is a loud crunch as an axe tears a hole through the bathroom door, leaving wood shards everywhere
on the floor directly in front of the door and you speechless as to what is happening. The suspect's head emerges through the door and looks directly at you.
With murder in his eyes he yells, "Heeere's Johnnny!!", as your heart sinks to your stomach.

He tears the rest of the door down with his axe and begins walking towards you. Loud footsteps are all you hear as you run for your life through the hotel,
making your way to safety as fast as you can.

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